The Best Electric Skateboards Right Now!

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Are you looking for an electric skateboard? Then don’t miss my list of the best electric skateboard right now!

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Blitzart has received a considerable amount of attention as of late with their new electric skateboard lineups. Obviously, I’m discussing none other than NG-1. What can this little fella do? It can do a lot, and that’s why I put it on my list!


Next on my rundown list is LiftBoard. It is a tremendous, 38-inch esk8 board with a beautiful deck and strong all-around design.

With regards to the deck, you don’t need to worry. It is made of seven layers maple wood and finished off with an all-dark hold tape. On the right side there’s a little handle to carry it, which doesn’t bother skating by any means.


The third model on my rundown listis made by Genesis, a pretty well known brand with a decent board lineup. Their Tomahawk electric skateboard isn’t their only one, however, it’s the best one out of the pack, that is without a doubt!


MaxFind’s principle pitching point, notwithstanding its marvelous execution, is its weather proofing. Trust it or not, this electric skateboard has the IP65 license which ensures a little rain won’t keep this terrific oard off the street1


Yuneec is an outstanding board with countless clients (10 Electric Skateboards for grown-ups). It’s safe to state they are doing their best to stay aware of their prosperity by giving us E-GO2. It’s a new electric skateboard with a smooth style and average functions. Will it sell well? The guys over at Electric Skateboard Guide sure thinks so!


Dakott probably won’t be a well known brand out there, however they beyond any doubt made a very cool electric skateboard.

First, this magnificent board is controlled by a 1200W engine. But despite the fact that the wattage is magnificent, it doesn’t yield amazing performance. In any case, don’t think this electric skateboard is moderate. Not by far! It can accomplish a strong 20mph.


Atom Electric H.6 sports an in-wheel hub engine for a decent clean look and greater unwavering quality. Keep in mind that hub engines are less inclined to breaking than their belt driven competitors. The single engine that Electric H.6 games can create up to 600W of performance.


As you can see there are many good boards out there today. And I am sure that you will find one that suits your needs.

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Beginner Guide To Buying Your First Skateboard!

With skateboarding there are no rules, no scoreboards and no referees or mentors nagging how you should do things. Skating is a singular game. You can do it at whatever time you want, and in any way you want. And it’s loads of fun, as well. Also, beginning is simple. You just need to pick the correct equipment.

And let’s see what you need to get started:

Types Of Boards:

There are two fundamental types of boards: longboards for cruising, and shorter decks for riding at skate parks and doing tricks. Those are usually called penny boards.

What Place To Buy:

The best place to purchase a board is your neighborhood skater store. They will have a wide choice of decks and, most vital, educated people that can help you get started. You can probably find less expensive stuff at superstores, however with regards to skateboards, you get what you pay for.

In the case you are more comfortable with what kind of board you want, you can buy it online. Do be careful and only buy it from a reputable company. I can recommend this store.


Generally, an extremely modest skateboard (for example $25-$35) will be more difficult to ride. Shoddy decks are manufactured with a lot of subpar-quality parts, weigh more and are less sturdy. And the wheels won’t turn as easily.


In case you’re beginning, your most solid option is to purchase a ready made board from a skater store. Rather than sorting out the deck, trucks, etc, these boards come completely finished. They are generally manufactured with great quality and are usually sold at a great price.

Most finished boards cost $80-$100; longboard are $100-$150. If you somehow managed to assemble those same parts individually, you would almost certainly spend 45 to 50% more. As you get a better skater, you’ll likely need to redesign your parts exclusively and alter your own board.

Skate Deck:

90% of all skate decks are made of 7 layers of pressed wood stuck together. Street decks are for the most part quite comparable, with a similar shape, a length of 25 to 35″ and a width of 7 to 9″. Smaller decks are more flexibility and better for doing tricks, while more extensive decks are more steady and less demanding to carve in inclines and pools or while cruising.

The greatest contrast here is the logo. Pick a shape you like with a logo that fit your identity. Or on the other hand, purchase a clear board and draw your own logo. Most cost around $55. More for a longboard.